(UPDATED: 05/09/2022)



*All volunteers must follow the following protocols

  • All volunteers and community partners must complete the online HCPS Volunteer Application or have a verified current/active application on file. Notices of renewal are sent to applicants based on expiration date prior to 30 days of expiration. (Allow at least two-four weeks for processing).

  • Level 1 (National SOP, National, State and Local background check): ALL volunteers and community partners must be under District employee supervision (sight or hearing). Group exposure, general, office workers, teacher assistants, community speakers, media center assistance, one-on-one supervised interaction with students, supervised tutors/on-site mentors, daytime field trip chaperones. Exceptions: Great American Teach-In and African American Teach-In guest speakers/presenters.

  • Level 2 (Level 1 Eligible AND Fingerprinting): Any volunteer that has one-on-one unsupervised interaction with students. Overnight Chaperones and any other occasion where the volunteer has limited supervision including some tutoring/mentoring programs (call for additional guidance). Prior to proceeding with Level 2 fingerprinting, volunteers must be determined Level 1 Eligible.

  • Music/Band Instructors (Coach) - (Level 1 Eligible AND Level 2 Fingerprinting required). Music/Band Instructors (Coach) must complete an HCPS volunteer application. On the “Functions Page” select “Music/Band Instructor – Level 2” and "Tutor – Florida Level 2”.

  • Prior to proceeding with fingerprinting, Music/Band Instructors must be determined Level 1 Eligible. Volunteer engagement is not permitted until Music/Band Instructor is verified Level 2 eligible using the district’s visitor and volunteer management system, Raptor.

  • Applicant will receive an email notification regarding Level 1 eligibility status and a separate email, within a week of Level 1 communication, with next steps for Level 2 Fingerprinting.

  • Allow at least two weeks for fingerprint processing.

  • Level 2 fingerprinting (overnight chaperones) is good for 3 consecutive years from the date of fingerprinting. Level 2 Fingerprinting (music/band instructor) is good for 5 consecutive years from the date of fingerprinting. However, schools should verify status annually using the district’s visitor and volunteer management systems (Raptor)

  • The volunteer application will remain active until fingerprint expiration date. Notices of renewal are sent to applicants 30 days prior to fingerprint expiration date

  • Schools should verify volunteer application, Level 2 status, and expiration date through the district’s visitor and volunteer management system (Raptor).




Note: Please be reminded that an appropriate chaperone to accompany students on a field trip should be a responsible adult, 21 years of age or older (exception: a parent or legal guardian under 21 years of age may also chaperone) and be known to the teacher and/or other school personnel.


Before making any decision to appoint or employ a volunteer, the district/school is required to conduct a National Sexual Predator and Sexual Offender search (Florida Statute 943.04351). ALL sites and volunteers must allow for application review time and volunteer status to be determined prior to any volunteer activity.

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